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Living Room Songs

I can still recall the mesmerizing experience of seeing Ólafur Arnalds live, about three years ago; witnessing absolute quiet and concentration and feeling the audience hold their breath. At the beginning of this week, Ólafur started the project Living Room Songs where he invites – figurately – the public into his living room. Essentially, Ólafur […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #7

When the idea for this feature was born, we imagined that getting musicians to talk about musicians would be enlightening and interesting, to say the least. Quite a few months later, this has not only proved us right, but with every submission comes a little heart pang when we realise the beauty that is allowing […]

Ólafur Arnalds @ Szene

“I’ve just realised I am facing the wrong way here, sorry, I have to move” is the first sentence Ólafur said a few days ago on the microphone right after coming on stage, and it made the whole audience laugh. The opening band had been two guys on acoustic guitars, different from what we were […]

concerts coming up!

way too much happening around here in November. decided that I am for sure heading to these shows: November 11th Ólafur Arnalds + Protestant Work Ethic @ Szene (Vienna, Austria) November 20th Soko @ Porgy&Bess (Vienna, Austria) November 22nd Welle:Erdball @ Viper Room (Vienna, Austria) CANCELLED! November 25th Death Cab for Cutie + Frightened Rabbit […]