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A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at a show of super-emo local band Rika. I had not seen them play in what felt like forever, and for the first time in many months, during the show, I felt transported by the music, back to the 90′s, it hitting me right in the guts. […]

bleeding swans and crying fingers

There is a secret place we all call “Grandma’s House”; hidden among fields and forests in Eastern Norway, it’s a small white settlement that has become a base for some mysterious musical performances to the local youth. The darker, the better.. When I was first given the Twin Pines Mall demo, years ago, I remember […]

Is it Friday yet?

The week drags on endlessly, every morning is grey and it’s difficult to get up in the morning. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m stuck in a time warp where weekend hours go by twice as fast as “normal” week hours. This said: Monzano have a new video out for their song The Mannequin Wakes. I […]

Sunturns All-Stars

I have a habit of disliking and ignoring “super bands”, just for the sake of it. The truth is that I never really understood why good bands need to team up for side projects, usually ending up causing a big fuss over nothing – “nothing” usually meaning a passable album and then a fall into […]