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Where is our mind?

I saw this boy live some years ago. I went to two shows, two nights in a row, because I liked it so much. A while ago he recorded a version of the Pixies‘ Where is my mind, and with his deep haunting voice managed an interesting new take on this famous 80′s song.  

Mr. Carousel

Noiserv doesn’t need an introduction on this blog; I’ve written about him extensively often enough, praising his ability to make the most wonderful music out of his keyboard and a couple of toy instruments. For the first time since he’s started making music, he has a video out. Like him, it’s dreamy and cute, childish […]

Noiserv new EP out.

Last year I had the chance to see David Santos, (that’s one-man-band Noiserv for you), perform live two days in a row here in Vienna, in two completely different settings. It was a mesmerizing experience, and the more I talked to him afterward (I also interviewed him, proof here!) the more I found him lovely, […]

Noiserv: Interview

Tell me a bit about your background first. Where did you grow up? Are there any musicians in your family? I was born in 1982, on a wednesday. April 7th. I was born in Lisbon… And I always lived near here… First in a small house in the suburbs and nowadays I live in the center… […]