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Come as you are, little imaginary hawk.

Chances are you’ll have heard of this band in one way or the other. When I came across the super-sweet love song Boats and Birds for the very first time, it was because of a cover by The Age of Rockets that opened up for me a whole world of New Yorkers that knew each […]

Smells like Nirvana covers

One of my favorite memories related to Nirvana is being in a record store in London; it was my first time in that city and it must have been in 2000. I’d recently moved away from France and my English and German weren’t that good, but good enough for me to swoon over all of […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #8

You can apparently kill two birds with one stone. However, if your name is Lubec, and you play lo-fi indie pop, you kill three birds with one picture instead. This month’s Favorite Records feature welcomes a band from Richmond, their hands, a couple of seminal records, and a brick wall. Could anyone ask for more? […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #2

For the second part of my regular feature about bands and their favorite records (which I’m running on the 405), I picked three artists with very different genres of music and from completely different nationalities. The first is a slovenian band whose energy I was impressed by at their live show; it is our first […]