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day 13; a book which makes me laugh

A couple of times I mentioned my huge love for highly depressing books. Yesterday I went to the bookstore after work, and the lady who worked there even said, “that’s some sad stuff you read” when I presented her with a pile of books and ordered a couple of more (including another copy of the […]

day 15; a song that describes me

So I had it all set and decided, up until last night. The truth is, sometimes we are so used to being someone, that we forget we are not that person anymore. It might sound silly, but I have spent years being Bright Eyes songs – desperate, a little below the surface, a little cold, […]

the age of multimedia

I’ve just come back from a lecture called “Popular Music: The Age of Multimedia” held by Andrew Blake (Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London). The content was not interesting in itself – in the sense that he said little which I, or for that matter,anyone who is interested in […]

Nick Hornby: SLAM

Some parts in the novel really made me giggle. It’s written from a teenage boy’s point of view, and some of the characters that pop up somehow reminded me of Hornby’s novel About a Boy. I was expecting to discover a little more in-between the lines, though; the narrative jumps often between present and a […]