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Curated by Basia

I’ve been running around half of the summer with the canvas bag that Basia Bulat so gracefully and lovingly gave to me when I saw her here in Vienna (she’s such a darling!). Anyway, a couple of days ago I was informed that she just curated a mixtape over at Baeble Music; it features Nick […]

Werner Kitzmüller Trio @ rhiz

I dragged my friend N to this 7” release show on Monday, since we had an Ether magazine meeting AND we were in the area. Well, the first thing he said when Werner Kitzmüller Trio came on stage was, “this is depressing music. it makes me want to kill myself”. And this is sort of […]

upcoming gigs

so I haven’t updated this for a while. My bad! I’ve been busy with art and summer stuff, such as running away from the sun rays. There’s a bunch of gigs I got tickets for which I am quite excited about.. especially Ryan Adams, I have to say – it’s going to be in Munich, […]