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One day I will catch you.

Been chasing you for days, sings Crooked Hands vocalist Christopher Brown at the beginning of the band’s haunting debut single Under. The main melody, an atmospheric piano tune, keeps the song well-anchored to the ground and fills it with beautiful, catchy harmonies as the vocals and reverberating guitars shoot off into the sky. This is […]

A Shark and an Apple

Surely, unless you’ve been following the good kids of Vienna-based band Sex Jams or the label Siluh, you have no idea what sharks and apples could have in common. Apart from the fact that apparently both are quite delicious (or so an Icelandic would say, I never dared tasting shark), SHARK VS. APPLE is the […]

Video of the Week #43

Often our memory tends to fail on us; I remember being a 13-year-old with dreams but I forget too easily the rest and how none of it was easy. Music really made its way into our lives then, carelessly, smashing everything to pieces, making us feel what there was to feel and, when we were […]

Here’s to you and your Shell Games

I might have thought that this song was too catchy when it came out and that Bright Eyes has definitely changed, for the best or for the worst (I’m not quite sure yet). But I do enjoy the kangaroo in the video, the cuteness of that girl as well as (and that’s my heart taking […]