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heartbeats of the day

..since I am supposed to finally finish working on a video, writing up things for creative writing class, sorting out my presentation/meeting on wednesday, checking through lists of things to apply for in summer, and writing up part of my super-secret monthly column while some memories are still fresh.. ..I am obviously looking through photos […]

back up and running

finally, after switching servers, alicetragedy.org is A L M O S T back up. I have done a million new installs of wordpress, restored all my tables, gone crazy with mysql databases and wild php coding all over the place until a miracle happened and I found a theme that seems to be working without […]

we heart it!

yes we do. if you are a big internet geek and wish you could make a collection of all the pretty images you fall in love with on the web… this is for you.

underground vs. mainstream

aka how to waste your time, part one. according to this, today I am, based on my overall top artists: 0% underground & 26% mainstream weekly top artists: 0% underground & 14% mainstream recent tracks: 84.2% underground & 1% mainstream overall top tracks: 0 % underground & 21% mainstream