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day 17; close your eyes and pick a book at random

My fingers fell on Neil Gaiman‘s Neverwhere. I find that American Gods is still his masterpiece (even though, to be fair, I’m not familiar with all of his work), but Neverwhere is definitely a really, really good novel, too.  It is about an ordinary man who, after saving a young girl he found on the […]

day 13; a book which makes me laugh

A couple of times I mentioned my huge love for highly depressing books. Yesterday I went to the bookstore after work, and the lady who worked there even said, “that’s some sad stuff you read” when I presented her with a pile of books and ordered a couple of more (including another copy of the […]


This short film (featuring Amanda Palmer) is so very cute and Neil Gaiman is such a genius.

my very own disposable memories

So, before leaving on my trip last month, I wrote a short entry about the Disposable Memory Project. I’ve already sent some photos of the first camera drop-off to the people in charge, and my camera is already officially in the camera list, here. I’m excited to see how far it will travel! And since […]