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Video of the Week #41

I’m back from holiday, and it’s Valentine’s Day (ew?). Just to feed my natural Nada Surf obsession, here’s a #musicmonday ‘Hello’ to all the lovers; Enjoy the Silence.

Painting Weekend.

I have every friday off, which makes me even more happy to jump into the (3-day!) weekend head first; last week friday, I headed to Li‘s brand new flat to draw on her walls something nice for two little angels.. I felt so privileged; you see, kids aren’t usually allowed to draw on walls, and […]

Weekend full of music

That is how I enjoyed my last couple of days of ‘freedom’. I spontaneously drove to Carinthia with little lion girl last weekend, on Friday at noon to attend the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, which had a pretty cool line-up of local and less local bands, including NADA SURF which is one of my favorite favorite […]

too excited to sleep.

So little blogging has been going on over here, mostly I was just posting songs for the 30 day song challenge and going off to do other things (like work, like sunshine, like summer, like reading, like paper cutouts..); I haven’t even really been to a gig in a while, SO leaving tomorrow to go […]