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Lying To You With Different Names

Slowly but surely, Keaton Henson is getting a reputation for his awkward videos, the first memorable one being You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, which strangely reminded me of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. With his beautiful single Lying To You off the upcoming Birthdays, he strikes again, this time in a video directed by […]

How little of me remains

Since the Nowhere Train album came out at the beginning of Winter, I have found myself in awe of Ian Fisher‘s voice. In a record that has various folk, country and americana influences, his song Are You There stands out as something soft and maybe more emotionally charged. In that very same heartfelt way, his […]

Winter Villains: The Air

Autumn is approaching. The sky is grey, the fog is imminent though the air is not yet bitterly cold. A man sits outside, has a cigarette on the shore of a lake. A woman packs her suitcase carefully, and in no hurry puts on a hat and leaves what seems to be a hotel room. […]

Reuben Hollebon’s Clutch

Some people manage to hit the nail right on the head and get you in the right place at the right time. As with all wonders, sometimes you tend to be looking elsewhere and miss them, and what you need are playful shoves or friendly reminders that if you pass up this opportunity, it’ll most […]