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can you hear silence?

Remember the good old mixtapes? I still have some at my parents’ house, stacked away in a shoe box, some with nothing but a note scribbled inside, others painstakingly accurate with tracklist and handmade cover. And speaking of mixtapes – I was featured on one. To introduce this mix, Analogue Monologues writes, “not knowing what […]

Curated by Basia

I’ve been running around half of the summer with the canvas bag that Basia Bulat so gracefully and lovingly gave to me when I saw her here in Vienna (she’s such a darling!). Anyway, a couple of days ago I was informed that she just curated a mixtape over at Baeble Music; it features Nick […]

2009: My Year in Pictures

I’m not quite ready to let go of this year yet – 2009 was wonderful and intense, it was heartbreaking and funny, frustrating and surprising. I’ve traveled, met old friends, made new friends, learned from mistakes and repeated those mistakes again.. I’ve been scared, more scared, I’ve been fearless and young and stupid and mature […]