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Mirah/Tara Jane O’Neil/Pink Mountaintops @ Arena

When I lived in Norway, there was a weird girl at my Academy. Let’s call her C. If C had been a high school student, she’d have been the stereotype of the studious, focused girl who almost never spoke and had little to no friends. She was picky about a lot of things and, when […]

A List To Pass the Time

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately. Usually it’s song lists, but once in a while something else manages to sneak into my posts. A documentary: One of my Kind – The Story of the Mystic Valley Band (I’ve been meaning to watch this, it’s meant to be really good) A movie: No One […]

Mirah in Vienna!

Mirah is coming to Vienna in 2.5 months. I am so very super happy. Pink Mountaintops are headlining – I’d already seen them opening for Cold War Kids two years ago, and I had found them okay-ish back then. But Mirah! she is so lovely. I remember obsessing over Sweepstakes Prize in my first year […]

Girl’s favorite songs of the month (December)

Morrissey: Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself? (new wave pop; his voice is of course so familiar and cosy like an old sweater. and ohh, I want to sing along so bad.) The Good Life: You Don’t Feel like Home to Me (indie; in a post last month, I had anticipated this song becoming […]