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When melodic hardcore meets Albert Camus

Punk music is not always about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. It’s not always about pain and dirt, about blood and tears and gritted teeth and fights and politics and idealism. Sometimes it’s about seasons, and changing, and people. Sometimes, it’s about books. This song is for every one of us.   We’ll make it out […]

Video of the Week #48

With a sunny and warm weekend like the past one, it feels like summer is almost around the corner. Summer is always time for dirty punk shows, and whenever Death is Not Glamorous are on tour I get excited like a little fangirl. Their shows are always full of passion (and sweat..mmh…!) and make me […]

Moving parts and clear lines

Dead Leg Press have a Death is not Glamorous interview up. It’s funny, as I read it the first time I could so imagine Christian sitting there and talking 500 miles an hour. I haven’t talked to them about Soft Clicks at all, but I remember telling him I didn’t like it because, huh, is […]

Death is not Glamorous @ DreiRaum

If you think punk’s dead, you’ve never been to a Death is Not Glamorous show. Last week, tuesday. I rushed not to miss the opening bands, but got to see just two songs of the first one. I’d never heard of BRACKETS CLOSED before, and I only knew very little of that band from Virginia […]