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watercolored and conceptual

Hey, it’s art-day today! okay, not so much – but I feel like my motivation to explore the art world is going down, down, down.. and when I do, then it’s mostly photography. I came across a nice couple of art blogs and whatnot in the last weeks, and promised myself to write about them […]

Maximilian Hecker @ Szene

Maximilian Hecker was already in Vienna two months ago for a radio session at RadioKulturHaus. We got there too late though – so no chance, we didn’t get let in. He came on stage wearing a mask; when it came off, I admittedly liked his new bearded look. It gave off this seventies aura. I’ve […]

Sunday Sweetness

I took a walk yesterday morning (see some photos here). This spring makes me feel like summer has already come and like I have bright long clear days ahead. I’ve put Maximilian Hecker back in the Winter drawer, and have been listening to a lot of Tryo. But there are nights, like two nights ago, […]

Creative Writing; a fine frenzy

Today was my first Creative Writing class. I’m wondering how this semester will go because I feel like I am completely stuck on words at the moment. Even though I have never-ending love for dictionaries, I never use them. I never look things up. I feel I keep reworking new texts with old overused gorgeous […]