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RIP Everton

So it’s been a couple of busy weeks here. With lots of new (secret!) projects starting, I’ve hardly had the time to sleep, let alone updating this lovely blog of mine. I haven’t even had the time to write this here: RIP EVERTON. Everton were a band that was somehow important for me. Sometimes you […]

bits and pieces

I’ve realised I haven’t posted in a while. Since December, in fact. I am so ashamed. But I’ve been working on a project (more info at alicetragedy.org), I’ve been sick, and then fine, and then sick again, and last but not least… we have exams coming up, so trying (and failing) to study, and working […]

Everton @ Shelter

If you’ve never heard Everton before and you get to a show, the first thing you will notice is their young age. From the height of your [insert age here] years, you might even show a slight annoyance at the arrogance of these kids – yes, that’s what you’ll call them, ‘kids’. After all, how […]

the Hipster’s Guide to a very Merry Christmas

SEVEN DAYS TO GO… I have to admit that I have always been a fan of Christmas. When I was a kid, of course, I would always hope to see Santa coming down the chimney (because, yes, I belonged to one of those lucky families that had a fireplace). The only time I saw ‘him’, […]