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Exploding distances; music love

I am literally bouncing off walls and unable to sit still, as I have just bought:1) Angus and Julia Stone gig tickets and2) train tickets to Munich. It’s exasperating sometimes that bands just will not consider Austria as a tour option and should prefer instead neighbouring countries Germany and Italy. But because I am HARDCORE […]

London, Here I come.

I’m flying in less than 10 hours. I haven’t finished packing yet. I’m excited! I’ve got more or less a schedule of what’s where, please leave comments if you want to hang. It sounds terribly pretentious but I just can’t keep with everything and everyone right now, I’m too all over the place.. but I […]

Winterwell Preview

Oh I’ve been getting super excited about my trip to the UK. Now that I think about it, it seems particularly ridiculous to be flying for just one week, but I can’t manage any more than that. Already getting all these days without anything in-between (other than missing a couple of classes) was super difficult. […]

Raw and Emotional

So I’ve booked my flight out to London. finally! there are rumours of BSM Kev leaving the Oxford headquarters to come meet me (us) in the big English capital.. shhh, we’ll see.. Speaking of Big Scary Monsters, I’ll never stop showing endless love for amazing musicians like Kevin Devine, who has a fantastic voice, gorgeous […]