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Laundromatic Shows

The lovely Luke Leighfield never really needed an introduction on this blog as I’ve been familiar with his music for almost three years now. With the release of his new album behind him, he has started a small tour taking him through some of mainland Europe, including Austria. So tonight is the night! He is […]

I’ll learn to live again.

There are a couple of musicians that always make me feel better in the worst of weathers and one of them is Luke Leighfield. I have a shirt that reads, “University taught me nothing that I couldn’t read on Wikipedia” and though it’s not quite true it’s a good way to laugh when I’m feeling […]

Have you got the courage to try again?

Incredible but true – over a year after Luke Leighfield‘s album Have You Got Heart? came out, the title track is released as a single. Yes, a proper single, with a video and everything! The song is beautiful and inspirational as I’ve said about a million times; and this being available as of yesterday seems […]

have you got anything at all?

A couple of days ago, Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders have released a split EP in which they cover each other’s songs. Jose had already collaborated with Luke on the beautiful New Season single and on the Bon Iver cover of Blindsided and clearly they’re a winning combination; what caught my ear first was how […]