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The truth about June 16th.

I’ve never read Ulysses. I’ve never even tried though I’ve wanted to, because in truth, its size and fame scare me more than anything. Dearest Ulysses, lovely James Joyce, you have a lot of expectations to fulfill; one being the importance of June 16th. In 1956 (so, this year it would have to be 56 […]

you’d never call me baby, if you knew the truth.

Oh, the loveliness of Perfume Genius! It’s so bizarre to see he’s come so far since his debut, in fact, no, since before his debut, when he didn’t have a name or an album and people thought his music had been put out on the internet post-mortem. I love this song, it’s so heartbreaking. I […]

Life is fragile, today.

“We are reminded that life is fragile today.” A couple of days ago, the news some of us were already sadly waiting for came. And though they were expected, it didn’t hurt any less. It’s so easy to forget that the ones we love most, the ones we take for granted, will not be here […]

Ugly but Honest.

I’ve often wondered why people fear honesty so much; I have yet to meet someone who can embrace a painful truth. The problem with truths is that they can’t be undone. Whereas lies can be twisted, pulled apart and back together again, fading into greys, truths are often absolute, and being a person at the […]