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Sharing is Caring: Diver’s London

I’ve already introduced the wonderful, troubadour-like local band Diver with a review of Kites at the beginning of the year; months have passed and the English capital has been crowded by Olympics fans coming from all over the world. These Austrian boys, however, stayed put and sang about London from afar in a town called […]

the weight of a promise

If you’ve ever tried to draw on skin – and, with all those cool colorful felt tips you had as a child, I bet you have – you’ll know what a bizarre canvas it is. Skin stretches and moves, it sinks lightly under the pens and almost soaks up ink and if you look very […]

Bellman, move fast! (Spaceship, move slow)

It’s yet another sunny day, and I’ve been stressing and obsessing over this afternoon’s phone interview with Arne (also known as Bellman) who is currently in London with his brother and pianist to do a couple of one-off acoustic shows to slowly start promoting his new album (coming out in the UK on July 4th). […]

Yellow Brick Road

I feel like a little bit like a fool, with all this Angus & Julia Stone obsession that has been there for 6 months and won’t go away. Also, tonight they are playing a free gig in Camden and my heart is in so much pain that I can’t be there, I am almost dying. […]