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On Melancholy and Empty Flats

I have a history with Paper Bird concerts which goes a long, long way back; and maybe for this reason (and because of my world-known preference towards the old, the quirky, the quiet, the kitschy) Anna, the bird, invited me to a lovely and semi-private goodbye party. There is something weird about goodbye parties: you […]

Basia Bulat: a bird of paradise

I discovered Basia Bulat‘s music very accidentally, probably on some music blog or while scanning the internet for music, years ago, shortly before her debut album Oh, My Darling came out. I liked her quiet, earnest way of singing and the balanced sadness versus happiness on that record; but what really caught my ear back […]

Into It. Over It. & Grown Ups @ fluc

Into It. Over It. reminded me a little of Dashboard Confessional. On the rather dark stage at the small, half-empty venue, Evan curled up on a chair and played a couple of songs, with anecdotes or funny introductions between each and with the Grown Ups rooting for him and singing along among the audience.   […]