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Yann Tiersen: live on Dust Lane

If I was to summarize a whole Yann Tiersen concert into a single sentence, I would choose words by the man himself: “Let’s live in an enormous world of sound we can use randomly, with no rules at all.” Because Mr. Tiersen, with a long musical career behind him, works with sound the way a […]

Suicide Medicine

I am going to see Rocky Votolato tonight. I’m sort of excited because I love his music, and sort of nervous because I have an interview with him in like an hour. I am always feeling kind of awkward in social situations, I really don’t know why I’m even doing this! But anyway – this […]

Loose Lips Sink Ships @ Ausstellungsraum

Loose Lips Sink Ships is an open formation consisting of great local musicians that joined forces; the show I got to see a couple of days ago included Werner Kitzmüller, David Schweighart, Simon Usaty, Meaghan Burke, Mimu, and Matthias Frey and was scheduled to start around 10pm in a gallery called “Ausstellungsraum”, as the last […]

Secret Meeting with the National

In American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis tells the story of a young and rich businessman and of his daily (and nightly) life in Manhattan; His being exhaustively methodical leads to the novel being abundant with adjectives, lists, and descriptions. Patrick Bateman could, for all we know, be one of the unnamed characters in The National‘s […]