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From Austrian Math-Rock to Eastern New Wave: Waves Festival, Day two

Thursday is the official opening day for most visitors, and the venues are likely to be packed; I plan ahead by getting to the club early. Flex is a venue sandwiched between the Danube channel and a subway line, a venue that smells of stale beer and looks very underground. It’s still early; finding yourself […]

Living Room Songs

I can still recall the mesmerizing experience of seeing Ólafur Arnalds live, about three years ago; witnessing absolute quiet and concentration and feeling the audience hold their breath. At the beginning of this week, Ólafur started the project Living Room Songs where he invites – figurately – the public into his living room. Essentially, Ólafur […]

Blue Bird Festival, day 3.

Maybe a bit demotivated and excellently tired from the previous night (apparently I get old quite easily) I make my way on time to the venue for the last day of the folk/songwriter festival; maybe a bit too punctual, as half of Vienna seems to be queuing to get in and, still ashamed to have […]

Blue Bird Festival, Day 2.

The Blue Bird Festival is a local festival that has been taking place at Porgy & Bess – a Viennese Jazz Club – for the past 6 years. It’s organised by the Vienna Songwriting Association, who are a great bunch of music enthusiasts. Since November was a busy busy month for gigs, I sadly didn’t […]