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Vampires in a devil town

On April 1st, with littleliongirl as a partner in crime (and exhaustion, judging by how the rings under her eyes were at least as deep as mine), I headed to Roter Bogen, a tiny venue I’d never been to before crammed between rhiz and chelsea, to see for the millionth time Sweet Sweet Moon play […]

Weekend full of music

That is how I enjoyed my last couple of days of ‘freedom’. I spontaneously drove to Carinthia with little lion girl last weekend, on Friday at noon to attend the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, which had a pretty cool line-up of local and less local bands, including NADA SURF which is one of my favorite favorite […]

day 01; my favorite song

courtesy of the internet and this lovely person, I am now the proud owner of a 30-day-song challenge to waste my pre-exam time! day one starts with the favorite song. this is a hard one, because (like littleliongirl) I easily get obsessed with songs and then forget about them a couple of weeks (sometimes months) […]