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Valentimes is Serious Times

Sometime last year, I became acquainted with the San Diego folk-punk band Sledding With Tigers. I liked their cynicism, split halfway between anger and earnestness. I liked that they reminded me of a lot of bands I used to listen to ten or more years ago – back when Yellowcard were the only pop punk […]

Korea, I Suppose

Well hello, 2012! I’ve been back from China for a little while now, where I had to battle a mean cold, strange looks in the subway for not looking Asian, and my inability to communicate. But rejoice world, for I am back on the blog with a million thoughts and news, some good new year’s […]

Uno Møller Week at Lazy Acre Records

I remember being sprawled on my grandma’s old bed in Rome before my parents sold the house in which I’d spent so many Christmas holidays, typing away thoughts and plans for the first ever release of Uno Møller on Lazy Acre Records. How much time seems to have passed since then! I’d already known Uno […]

Is it Friday yet?

The week drags on endlessly, every morning is grey and it’s difficult to get up in the morning. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m stuck in a time warp where weekend hours go by twice as fast as “normal” week hours. This said: Monzano have a new video out for their song The Mannequin Wakes. I […]