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Loose Lips Sink Ships @ Ausstellungsraum

Loose Lips Sink Ships is an open formation consisting of great local musicians that joined forces; the show I got to see a couple of days ago included Werner Kitzm├╝ller, David Schweighart, Simon Usaty, Meaghan Burke, Mimu, and Matthias Frey and was scheduled to start around 10pm in a gallery called “Ausstellungsraum”, as the last […]

day 24; a book no one would have thought you would read

the secret’s out: I own all of the Harry Potter books. Sorry guys, but I’m pretty much like everyone else from my generation. (Except I don’t listen to Lady Gaga.)

day 12; a song from a band you hate

To be really quite fair, I don’t hate Shania Twain. I just think she’s an insult to music – like many other ‘singers’, really.. and I suppose her voice is really not that bad. But her songs are catchy and awful! Her videos are terrible! I’m sure everyone remembers this huge hit. It starts off […]