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day 16; the 9th book in your bookshelf

(starting from right) Oh. This one is a REALLY good one. My copy is all worn out from carrying it everywhere constantly, and there’s a picture of Kurt Cobain as a child on the cover. The novel, Un Amore Dell’Altro Mondo by Tommaso Pincio, is a beautiful book about Kurt Cobain‘s imaginary friend Boda.. Or, […]

Mystery White Boy.

So I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy attending gigs and lazy enough not to review them. Today I stumbled upon this and it made me oh-so-mad, so I believed I had to do a little rant (which, by the way, no one will be reading. but. oh well.) This story starts […]

The Year of the Cat

Cat Power is the stage name of indiefolk singer Chan Marshall, originally from Georgia. I first discovered her after reading an article a little over three years ago about her 2003 release “You Are Free”. The first track on the album, “I don’t blame you”, caught my attention straight away and I kept playing it […]

(((DIV))) + brain managerz @fluc

the brain managerz played first. Now, I’ve seen them play in various locations and I have to admit fluc – even though it’s a good location in itself – could never have compared to the motorradwerkstatt @WUK or to the amazing setting of a Stone Quarry (where they performed this summer); a lot of people […]