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I left so much to chance.

“I think I like this guy more than I like Sufjan Stevens,” writes someone on last.fm about the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Arron Dean. In the same way as the much-acclaimed folk singer, this native of South Africa creates simple melodies from acoustic instruments and lays his voice over it; in no way hesitant, and yet fragile. […]

Uno Christiansen

My fellow froggy friend (check out that alliteration, yo!) Uno Christiansen (from Wintermare) has started to put together a series of EPs under the moniker Uno Møller Ch. Quiet and fragile songs, using the instruments that are around. Hanne Bjugstad and Anette Ruud Andersen are in the small team of very talented and motivated people […]

Waschbär cover songs

I’ve always had a thing for cover songs. My best friend, though, absolutely LOVES them. I managed to stop being lazy and after promising myself a thousand times that I would finally make him yet another cover mix, I decided to put my rainy sunday to good use. SO here comes the Waschbär Cover Songs […]

song crushes part 00

This week, slightly obsessing over:   jenny owen youngs: hot in herre [nelly cover] ..because she’s just so good at it. death is not glamorous: assets ..because, well. NORWAY + HOT BOY + PUNK MUSIC = SUPERGORGEOUSNESS. the robot explosion: fuck was I ..because the little gameboy-like sounds + jenny’s voice are to die for. […]