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Best of 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I shall jump on the choochoo-blogger-train of end of year lists, and make a couple myself… The year was full of amazing shows, of great releases, of awesome collaborations and of wonderfully long days spent with one artist after the other. After days of changing my mind […]

The man in the white hat.

It all started on a winter’s day, February 2007. I was stranded – out of my own accord – in a Norwegian hamlet called Kjellmyra for ten days, sleeping on the floor of my friend Eirik (from Wintermare) in their lovely little apartment with a gorgeous view (huge glass window! yeah!) on snowy hills. It […]

Leap Years

This month’s (or rather, last month’s – I am a bit late with my submission this time…) Monthly Mixtape theme was related to “Years”. Each song should be from a different year, with bonus points if these are consecutive years. There could be any variations on the theme as wanted, which made it pretty difficult […]