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A Bar in Amsterdam

Exactly three years ago – down to the day – I was seeing Katzenjammer rocking out live at Cosmopolite in Oslo. They went from a band on last.fm with 15 listeners to getting onto propeller recordings and having quite a few big-hearted fans (other than myself of course) who are swooning any time they hear […]

Scraps of Tape+Destroy, Munich @ fluc

I went to see Destroy, Munich and Scraps of Tape at fluc two nights ago. The first good thing about the show was that it was FREE. Free shows are hard to come by nowadays. Good ones are even harder. The second good thing was that I had heard about both bands but a) never […]

Girl’s favorite songs of the month (October)

Here’s my favorite songs for this month. A lot of cute and upbeat, some slow and heartbreaking.. Katzenjammer: A Bar in Amsterdam (very cute, energetic and sing-along folk rock from Norway) VNV Nation: Beloved (industrial; totally amazing and moving, and it reminds me of panda) Cat Power: Good Woman (slow and acoustic; one of Cat […]

by:larm, part two

List of the shows I saw at By:Larm 2008. I will be posting some reviews very soon click on the links for reviews of the shows. Friday Jello Biafra (spoken word) @ Mono Binärpilot @ Blå Bandit @ Sentrum Scene Lykke Li @ Stratos Ida Maria @ Sentrum Scene REST OF MY LIFE @ Gloria […]