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Grow Till Tall, Boy!

A big hype was created around the live show of Sigúr Rós frontman Jónsi‘s solo project. It was said to be an interesting mix of theatre, music, performance, and art. Little over a month ago, I headed back from the Acoustic Lakeside Festival on a rainy day with littleliongirl to see with my own eyes; […]

Weekend full of music

That is how I enjoyed my last couple of days of ‘freedom’. I spontaneously drove to Carinthia with little lion girl last weekend, on Friday at noon to attend the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, which had a pretty cool line-up of local and less local bands, including NADA SURF which is one of my favorite favorite […]

the best things in life are free

..well, not necessarily. But some are; and maybe with the arrival of summer, everyone is in a better mood, friendlier, nicer, and more generous. I know for sure that a couple of people (Jónsi, the Saddest Landscape, Lazy Acre Records, the Age of Rockets) are. Here’s a couple of links to a bunch of music-related […]

too excited to sleep.

So little blogging has been going on over here, mostly I was just posting songs for the 30 day song challenge and going off to do other things (like work, like sunshine, like summer, like reading, like paper cutouts..); I haven’t even really been to a gig in a while, SO leaving tomorrow to go […]