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Oh, Yoko

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been telling me how much she dislikes Yoko Ono. I suppose that since the Beatles were her generation and she was a big Beatles fan, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise; after all, most Beatles fans (female teenagers) in the 60s hated the […]

here and there

Today was a very greyish-rainy, Beatles-listening, Corpus Christi day. and here’s a few (random) facts related to all of this. DID YOU KNOW that: Bergen (which is the city where I lived) is the rainiest town in Norway? Mark David Chapman (better known as “the guy who shot John Lennon”) was obsessed with The Catcher […]

little accidents or how to waste time on a sunday morning

I’m very very very excited about seeing Emiliana Torrini tomorrow night at Szene. The first song I ever heard by her was To be Free, which was on a compilation album featuring among others Massive Attack and Craig Armstrong. I found her voice so beautiful and reminiscent of Björk, that soon after hearing that song […]

the Hipster’s Guide to a very Merry Christmas

SEVEN DAYS TO GO… I have to admit that I have always been a fan of Christmas. When I was a kid, of course, I would always hope to see Santa coming down the chimney (because, yes, I belonged to one of those lucky families that had a fireplace). The only time I saw ‘him’, […]