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Angus and Julia Stone / Moddi @ Backstage Werk

Every time people ask me what moddi sounds like, I always answer, “scandinavian”. It might sound silly or ‘obvious’, but he sounds nordic, his music exhales ice cold vapor and, in the best of cases, a slightly denuded landscape, with a small hint of Garneau-like vocals and classical orchestral arrangements. In recordings, it’s intense and […]

the man with a satisfied mind

I have just finished reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. Picked up yesterday afternoon from the storeĀ  as I went for a walk with friend and soulmate Panda, and already read, in all of its 263-paged glory. So it only seems fitting that I, now, go back to this song, which is about identity, […]

day 01; my favorite song

courtesy of the internet and this lovely person, I am now the proud owner of a 30-day-song challenge to waste my pre-exam time! day one starts with the favorite song. this is a hard one, because (like littleliongirl) I easily get obsessed with songs and then forget about them a couple of weeks (sometimes months) […]

You; and I

I want to see you shineAnd we will feel the weightFall away from us – Jeff Buckey