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Bellman: Interview

With the release of his first album as well as his shows at Norway’s By:Larm, Larvik-based pop outfit Bellman has already made himself a bit of a name in the Scandinavian indie scene. His second album is due for release this week in the UK – mixing various influences and spreading itself across a variety […]

Heinali & Matt Finney: Interview

Heinali and Matt Finney, one of my favorite music discoveries from this year, are releasing their third (!!) EP this weekend. In-between a promotion campaign gone not quite as planned and anticipation for their first music video (directed by the genius that is Freddie Lloyd, known in the music scene as Ursine Vulpine), we did […]

The Riot Tapes: Interview

The Riot Tapes, a band I came across a couple of weeks (if not months?) ago, accepted to give us some time for a little interview, discussing Irish roots, chance meetings, the future of the music industry, and the ideal audience. Read on! Hi there. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us where you’re from? […]

Brad Hamers: Interview

Brad Hamers is a visionary man; he creates beautiful and nostalgic atmospheres out of nowhere, sometimes inspired by literature, harsh words and images of a daily life interlaced with surreal images. His debut solo album was one of the first hip-hop works I got hooked to, listening to it from beginning to end in loops. […]