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Dark Parts

Yes, I’m one of those people who swooned when Put Your Back N 2 It came out, because it’s beautiful and delicate and a little different from Learning, a bit more complex, maybe, or easier to delve into.. Yesterday, this video for Dark Parts, one of my favorite tracks from the new Perfume Genius album, […]

CODY: Interview

If Ryan Adams had been born in Scandinavia and had founded a Danish collective instead of getting together with the Cardinals, he could have possibly sounded like CODY, an Americana band stranded in the gorgeous city of Copenhagen, among balconies, snow storms, and Tetris games.   Why “Come On Die Young”? You don’t seem like […]

Sleep Party People: Interview

There’s little I liked in the movie Donnie Darko; I am, however, rather fond of rabbits, so I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity of interviewing one of them. The mastermind behind the ethereal music project from Denmark known as Sleep Party People had a chat with me about dreams, Elizabeth Fraser, nature, the Antlers […]

Ex Nihilo Vox: Interview

This is the story of two ordinary girls, Vanessa and Anne-Claire, who grew up as I did with Louise Attaque and Gainsbourg. Meeting in high school and being able to relate on several grounds were the prerequisites to start a band; then came the introduction to Martin and Lucie through common friends, becoming friends, realising […]