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caught in the winter forever

And it’s already December, and winter, with its constant greyish skies and darkness seeping in through the windows during mid-afternoon when nobody’s looking. Let’s face it – this will not be getting better anytime soon. So, what is more satisfying than drinking hot chocolate while enjoying a winter sampler fresh out of the mini50 records […]

Video of the Week #62

When I first saw this video, it blew my mind. Maybe because that song by Three Trapped Tigers is very good, maybe because the technique is something I’d never be able to achieve, or maybe because I just like reindeers, robots, and well-shaped hearts. Maybe.

Durand’s Flowers

Approximately two weeks ago, as I was looking through some boxes in my parents’ house on a rainy late afternoon, I stumbled across pictures of my parents when they were young and a couple more of my sister and me, in various poses, awful outfits (what was our mother thinking?) and diverse places; through the […]

believe in distance, believe in silence.

2010 will have been a great year for this composer from Kiev and poet from Alabama: the Heinali and Matt Finney machine is now in perpetual motion. Having started the year with their first collaborative release Town Line and moved onto solid ground with Lemonade, today is the day that their awaited third comes out. […]