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You’re in my blood.

A girl sinks to the bottom of the sea, a boy crawls on the ground and closes his eyes; the city turns on its flickering lights. For his first single Cool Blood, a perfect pop song full of the right beats and hazy, melodic harmonies, Farewell Dear Ghost combines the familiar streets of a city […]

Long Live the 90s

Not everyone from my generation remembers the 80s too well, but all of us do remember the 90s: we witnessed it first-hand, from the Cobain flannel shirts to the everything-denim look, from the strange Doc Martens revival, to Angela Chase’s quite terrifying jumpers as well as her odd obsession with Violent Femmes. Quite frankly said, […]

You’re spot on.

“Es ist soweit”, is what an Austrian would say at this point. Something along the lines of, “it’s time”. After mentions of the SPOT festival in Århus and bands which were sushh-ed and kept secret until a couple of months ago, Spot on Denmark is taking place – for the second time – in Vienna, […]

On Passports&Souvenirs: Interview with Across the Delta

It’s shortly past eight pm and I push open the glass doors of a semi-empty B72, one of my favorite Viennese venues. I’m greeted by Hannes Tschürtz, founder of Ink Music and also the man partly responsible for Across the Delta‘s success. Vienna is a small, small capital city and everyone knows everyone, so there’s […]