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Video of the Week #21

Hello, I’m slightly in love with Sjur! huuhuuu! But to put it more professionally, I like this video NOT because Sjur Lyseid is in it (I’m really not that superficial) but because it’s got balloons in it – and everyone hearts balloons. ALSO, there is a pretty awesome Monzano thing going on which I shall […]

day 21; a song that I listen to when I’m happy

I love Nada Surf to infinity and back. The first time I saw them live, I was in a terrible awful horrible mood and I thought nothing in the world would ever cheer me up, until they got on stage and there my heart exploded. Since then I’ve seen them 1.5 times more on a […]

Video of the Week #8

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I have approximately a million talented friends in / from Norway. At some point I got introduced to Marius from Jaqueline / Team Me / and god knows how many other bands, and we got a little tipsy and talked a lot about music (in fact, he reminded me of […]

What’s the Capital of Norway, again?

I’m pretty sure I could do a mixtape with not only capital city names ONLY, but with just songs that refer to my beloved Norway’s capital city. (see Grand Archives, see the Little Hands of Asphalt, see My Little Pony) So yes – let’s talk about My Little Pony. Earlier this week, the Lazy Acre […]