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day 18; the book you own with the nicest cover

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, by Jon McGregor, has one of my favorite covers; it’s very minimalistic, in grey-blue tones, with a bird caught in flight and some buildings and a really nice, easy typeface. The photograph is slightly blurry. I think the cover reflects the novel (plot and especially writing style) very well; […]

day 4; your most hated book

Right now, all I can think of really is Ian McEwan‘s On Chesil Beach (in fact, I’ve already written shortly about it here). Not so much because I hate it, but mostly because as much as I strive for individual taste when choosing books, after hearing SO MUCH about this author, and him winning prizes […]

if nobody speaks of remarkable things

I think I picked up this book more or less at random, on a bookshelf in London on a winter day, while I was waiting for my best friend to come meet me in the coffeeshop. I suppose I must have put it aside, and it got lost in my piles and piles of books […]