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back up and running

finally, after switching servers, alicetragedy.org is A L M O S T back up. I have done a million new installs of wordpress, restored all my tables, gone crazy with mysql databases and wild php coding all over the place until a miracle happened and I found a theme that seems to be working without […]

Spatial Practice

Yesterday we had a little art show, to showcase the works we did in the Brandon LaBelle Spatial Practice workshop. I had some problems with one bitchy dvd player, but things ended up working out alright. My work was related to the research I’ve been doing on the Jonsvollskvartalet squat last month. 4 monitors scattered […]


I am just installing those little mood graphics… awwwww, so cute. &also a plugin to show the music I’m listening to. (I’m so nerdy!) ^.^