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the Hipster’s Guide to a very Merry Christmas

SEVEN DAYS TO GO… I have to admit that I have always been a fan of Christmas. When I was a kid, of course, I would always hope to see Santa coming down the chimney (because, yes, I belonged to one of those lucky families that had a fireplace). The only time I saw ‘him’, […]

in the morning when you throw up water

I am totally, completely and terribly ill. It sucks. There are some cases where “I’m ill” just means “I don’t feel well enough to go out/go to work/go to uni”, and some cases where “I’m ill” means “well I did leave my bed, but that was only to shower and crawl to the sofa and […]

hello? saferide?

I discovered Annika’s music a few months ago. Her music is comforting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s cute. She doesn’t use metaphores, she says things straight out. In 3 minutes, she builds webs of invisible connections through characters – people who have a real, real life. When I listen to Hello Saferide, I turn into a mid-twenties […]

song crushes: part three

I really can’t help it. I take the bus every morning to go to school and at least at some point during the 15-20 minute bus ride, I have to listen to Belle Epoque‘s Il est trop tard. That song is just so amazingly beautiful, it just kind of loosens up all butterflies in my […]