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Junior Dad

There’s been talk of a certain recent collaboration which took the shape of an album named Lulu; unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the last couple of months, you will probably have heard of it. Though I find the name certainly cute and all, I have not come near it – Lou Reed […]

Smells like Nirvana covers

One of my favorite memories related to Nirvana is being in a record store in London; it was my first time in that city and it must have been in 2000. I’d recently moved away from France and my English and German weren’t that good, but good enough for me to swoon over all of […]

Ain’t No Night: trailer

As a child, I lived on the French Riviera. Of course, when living in dreamland, you don’t necessarily realise you live in dreamland; only after moving away does one have a different approach to places they’ve long been part of. And so, the memories of the charming little village I grew up in, of sailing […]


I remember visiting a Navajo Indian Reserve as a child. I couldn’t have been older than 10 or 11, and for the first time, I saw what they call a “dream-catcher”. I didn’t understand the English word in fact, though it had a certain flow that the same word, translated into my mother tongue (something […]