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declaring war on nostalgia

Remember how much I adore the Saddest Landscape? Yeah, well, the boys are offering a free track from their upcoming album (which I have already pre-ordered, the thought of getting vinyl in the mail makes me bounce off walls.) – go get it.

the best things in life are free

..well, not necessarily. But some are; and maybe with the arrival of summer, everyone is in a better mood, friendlier, nicer, and more generous. I know for sure that a couple of people (Jónsi, the Saddest Landscape, Lazy Acre Records, the Age of Rockets) are. Here’s a couple of links to a bunch of music-related […]

Bouvet and PROBLEMS demos

the Death Is Not Glamorous guys are starting to think that being in an amazing band, touring twice a year, recording great albums, and being super-friendly to everyone is just wayyy too easy. So why not have more? And here they are – Bouvet and PROBLEMS, two new bands from Oslo featuring Even and Emanuele […]