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absolute excitement over nothing at all

There is an amazing amount of things I am wonderfully excited about as of RIGHT NOW. I will make a list of them: #1: the current student occupation at Uni Wien #2: Grand Archives posted tour dates and they’re coming back to Vienna. This means Mat Brooke love! #3: secret plans with Sweet, Sweet Moon […]

Everybody Loves Oslo!

Grand Archives have a song from their new album Keep In Mind Frankenstein – to be released on SubPop on September 15th – up for free download on Spin! the best thing about it is that it’s called Oslo Novelist. I think that is sort of the coolest thing ever. ♫ Grand Archives: Oslo Novelist […]

Grand Archives and the Wooden Birds @ WUK

The opener The Wooden Birds (heard about, not listened to much) were laid-back and very cute. This band is one of Andrew Kenny‘s five thousand projects; intimate and percussion-oriented. The fact that the concert was taking place in the WUK Foyer was definitely a plus, it created a nicer atmosphere. I really enjoyed their set […]

A List To Pass the Time

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately. Usually it’s song lists, but once in a while something else manages to sneak into my posts. A documentary: One of my Kind – The Story of the Mystic Valley Band (I’ve been meaning to watch this, it’s meant to be really good) A movie: No One […]