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Walter Schreifels & Atlantic/Pacific @ Szene

I get to Szene way too early and spot a slightly annoyed Walter unloading a couple of things from the van outside; trying hard to repress the fangirl in me, I pretend I don’t see him and walk on – into an empty venue, which in the following hour doesn’t get much more filled up. […]

Spring (autumn?) cleaning

I’m doing the most boring thing in the world this weekend, which is to sort out through more and more papers, supplies, cloth, old clothes, books, to decide what to get rid of. Maybe someday, in a very distant future, I will be very minimalistic and stop collecting lots of junk. At least the music […]

Girl’s favorite songs of the month (December)

Morrissey: Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself? (new wave pop; his voice is of course so familiar and cosy like an old sweater. and ohh, I want to sing along so bad.) The Good Life: You Don’t Feel like Home to Me (indie; in a post last month, I had anticipated this song becoming […]