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Videos of the day: Live from Austin, Texas

Well, not quite. I wasn’t cool enough to be there, but these kids were. Here’s a couple of video by/with some lovely musicians. (Ghost Ghost get bonus points for the amazing sunglasses. I want them!)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #7

When the idea for this feature was born, we imagined that getting musicians to talk about musicians would be enlightening and interesting, to say the least. Quite a few months later, this has not only proved us right, but with every submission comes a little heart pang when we realise the beauty that is allowing […]

We’ll get these demons out of our heads.

It’s rare these days that people would care about poetry. And so, apart from a couple of songs like Sylvia Plath by Ryan Adams, and What Waited for Me by Rocky Votolato, the influence of poetry is minimal in the world of pop music; and when it is mentioned or spoken about in popular culture, […]