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Mountains; in pink

This winter is starting out blah; the days are superposing and time runs and it gets dark so early and the blue sky is just never enough.. Some years ago, my partner in crime Sadmonkey had a big man crush on a boy named Konstantin. Konstantin had a very particular voice, which I liked, and […]

chemistry is all we are.

You know, those songs you don’t love, until someone loves them for you? Teenage FBI is one of them. I never got into the first record so much, I like Konstantin’s voice, but it didn’t go much past that. The last album though is another story. And this song is wonderful, and it’s intense and […]

the Hipster’s Guide to a very Merry Christmas

SEVEN DAYS TO GO… I have to admit that I have always been a fan of Christmas. When I was a kid, of course, I would always hope to see Santa coming down the chimney (because, yes, I belonged to one of those lucky families that had a fireplace). The only time I saw ‘him’, […]