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On Inventing and Principles

Right before the weekend, I came across a link to Bret Victor‘s talk Inventing On Principle from nungee and made a mental note to watch it whenever I had some distraction-free time. Bret Victor‘s name was familiar to me already through his involvement with apple and software design, and I was curious to see just […]

Fail Whale Sweetness

I love chocolate cake. I’ll shoo away a three-layer cream monster anytime for a very basic, intense chocolate cake; it took me years to find the perfect recipe. People seem to believe that chocolate cakes have to be extremely sweet, but they really don’t have to be. This recipe of mine is adapted from a […]

How To: take a nap under a tree in winter.

If there is one thing I slightly dislike about winter, it’s the fact that I can’t read my book in a park under a tree. And since I couldn’t quite wait until Spring to do that again, I decided to go wild in our living room. And since Nature is lovely, but we are also […]

Cupcakes: everywhere, anytime

Though some people are wonderfully excited by all my baking, bread-making skills, I have a dirty little secret: I am physically unable to bake proper muffins. I have tried and tried to make these tiny American wonders, using different recipes, more or less baking powder, different tricks and tips, but failed rather successfully. I am, […]