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Orivesi: first impressions

Second day in Finland. I guess I am still alive, though today was so intense – and truly so intense – that I did not have a second to myself until now since I boarded the plane in Vienna on Monday morning. After a short break at the Helsinki train station and a couple of […]

On typewriting and visual poetry

Following Jörg’s advice from last week, I took my typewriter out of its case, stared at it for a little while, and soon enough I was out and about trying to locate a shop to buy ink ribbon. I inherited my typewriter from my mom, who would have discarded it otherwise some years ago as […]

the fundamentals of (having problems writing) poetry

The first paragraph of this will be of me rambling about my Attention Deficit Disorder, carelessness when it comes to finishing started tasks, and my overall lack of competence in organising myself. Yes, I get distracted easily. No, I cannot sit still through a whole movie (usually/often). So when I am tackled with a task […]


This week’s task was a simple but difficult one: to turn over a stone, day after day, and make notes which would serve as the basis for a poem. I’m not yet done and shall not reveal anything, however in the meanwhile, I had to go back to some poetry (not necessarily as inspiration, but […]