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Come as you are, little imaginary hawk.

Chances are you’ll have heard of this band in one way or the other. When I came across the super-sweet love song Boats and Birds for the very first time, it was because of a cover by The Age of Rockets that opened up for me a whole world of New Yorkers that knew each […]

Buffalo’s real Wilderness

I seem to find it most difficult to write about an album when I like it very much, as if no paragraph could equal the emotions triggered by certain sounds. In a desperate attempt to do it right and make sense, phrases are rewritten, influences are infinitely googled, my music library is assaulted in a […]

Frisco’s busy bees

Canadian-born Kalle Mattson could just as well be hailing from Scandinavia; his look, his enigmatic-sounding voice and the light, airy folk he plays made me, wrongly, place him somewhere between Sweden and Denmark and are probably far from reminding anyone of San Francisco, where his video Water Falls was filmed. Though a little head-spinning, the […]

Have you got the courage to try again?

Incredible but true – over a year after Luke Leighfield‘s album Have You Got Heart? came out, the title track is released as a single. Yes, a proper single, with a video and everything! The song is beautiful and inspirational as I’ve said about a million times; and this being available as of yesterday seems […]